P I D E R     I I

   J.D. Mitchell-Lumsden      / the solution is the event
                                                       breaking the rhinoceros' horn
                                                       following the smoke
                                                       persecution treaty
                                                       would rest come

Michael Rerick      / from (Capital)

Mikhail Lounev      / Digger

Captain Baby      /        Canibal
                                             Worshipping You
                                             Spider King

John M. Bennett     / Billboard Mirror
                                        Mirror Crickets
                                        Mirror of the Paramo 

J . D . M i t c h e l l - L u m s d e n

the solution is the event

the peace and you   
those with order from it at one I         
what for time its name there 
about your numerous under they have desire first means die 
not make another used 
or few among these scattered would say hidden 
when how         go       
look before our other earth created place

breaking the rhinoceros’ horn

fall there good witness    
should this that has their being            
what for your       
because seen over my dead people     
our say would I return everything then make against themselves 
made man  other but great                
its blood revolted                  

most aware place            
those from me   nations control them          

take up his trial 
if patient  drowned    pleased another          
worse any authority burst whose ever winds rely             

matter standing 

ask when some address faces ignorant         
each enemy   
why among help    name

following the smoke

the call against was made above     

that these are not those there     we know one      
for what called their   
save me having it           
people doubt this security   

all things have destroyed causes   nations   children   our oil      
take truth from but     
he said your when saying say another revealed before I head          

place raised better men        
came my earth                  
you did friend 
leave servants left making day into heavens hell others

persecution treaty

incumbent yours forgiving anything       
captives befallen hereafter frail desire patient weakness       
burden spent hearing tied horses escape equality     
drowned faults changed never requiting servants 
burning faces smiting angels deceived      
disease heels seeming weak      

meet eyes      breasts hearted    
needy orphans cast together clapping prayer 

dumb deaf judgment gift becomes marching footsteps                
promised difference

would rest come

all is refuge from the evil I made      
at will day hands youth those between            
when appointed spirit 
everything opened         
bring place  giving hand words      surely speaks down   
another ages age  

M i c h a e l R e r i c k

from (Capital)

Weight loss in space emaciates astronauts while The Biggest Loser or Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition contestants win temptations to dance the body mass dialectic. August 2011 housing foreclosure rates for Tucson, AZ peak above national levels. My magic market show slights one low cash hand to a credit card hand while palming an entropy pit. Reality television misdirects contestant to believe they will be kicked off when in fact they will not, a surprise rewarded with dramatic tension. Being kicked is rarely a pleasure in any real sense. So, previews anticipate our emotional reactions viewing the past/future in the present. And, sincerity returns and votes off recognized difference, a code-switch felt in cramped environments like the International Space Station. Edits blur contemplation and create an unexpected reality like a fine arts building. A confused laugh explodes into the dinosaur posed over the McDonald’s drive-thru, a shock the speakers pick up but not quantified into historical taxonomy.

M i k h a i l L o u n e v


squarely descending
miles, tended lights, the milestones
of flight--sand blows on through
without distance road
leaves, piles, work
yea place of and

it' be
to intersections slung
wire's runs, posts outfit murmur

pines bore the snow to warmth
and let it

and we? Roof.
wavering in the needles
piling shavings of the churning sun, too
poor into another day

walls, sure elephants holding tails

in branches ice in moon
swims out among exhausted stars

left out foliage to pin

C a p t a i n B a b y


Spider King

J o h n M . B e n n e t t

Billboard Mirror

.maul the grappling hammer yes
.net clumping ,spay yr
eyes now .the foggy lau
ghter ,an yr “issue” )tap
e befour the shingled clou
d d d .mile sky ,f
loating ! ͭ screw
the head c law ! )where th
e link pond ers wh ere
t he ‘s blind )the life t
he life you’s spent an l
eft ,in ches squirming
)bags of trash inhaled(

...esencia cagada (, (, (,


...on the berm.


demento mori sure shoe
head ,walk across the
stone .yr ,uh ,“neck”
cloud yr porcine por
tion leaking in yr po
cket “like a watch”
)the hashed laundry in
your luggage steams
,clumps ,bli nd s
...( )it’s the crawling
phaze ,labertino ...sil
vestre ...riachuelo de
,,,san ,,,san ,,,gre ,,,gre :a
head the trees toward
sky’s burned ...o pen ...

...en llamas la pradera...
-Luis de Góngora


Your lunar finger s
tops .bus coughing ,the
long change GROWS
oil away... .pills ,d
arks ,meats .yr
shirring rakes a
cross yr knee a
“phone” tu foco es
trellado yr .th
umb sunk .)))my
blood cup ,,, ,, , , 

...ouvre la main sans doigts.
- Comte de Lautréamont

Mirror Crickets

m y we nt ha lf tur
ned ,loo ked fou
nd the sta yed the
cor ner ed st
icky düst..... )the
air sin Tlaloc’s de
ad...( that sh
ade snap ping an rol
ling do wn the st
eps ~~~~~ ¿I¿ the
go ne ?I? the he
re the cri cricrick
ets shicrimmering
on the wall

Mirror of the Páramo

rake the phone hair the
nodding lake yr facial
cowl streaming back
the lip you ,lathered ,do
wn or upside ,the bra
wling moon atop the st
ones you kept inside
.fog and lint ,your jack
et open to the bull its
head current just p
ast’s you and chang es
.“left my drink your po
cket” )where the shad
owed coin’s sinking
toward your hole l


...lo perdido, güey...
- Juan Rulfo

Week Mirror

iowa death slaw mu
cous scrawls my
negck o stigcky col
lar ~ ~ ~ smeared wind
ow ~ ~ ~ eh horizon
tal snow =:=:=: : : : sm
udge of )trees?( across
the fields )soap and
diarrhea( )books an
greasy dust behind the
barcalounge ,soup-
soaked ,cloudy ,til
ting on the doghaired
rug )closed mine eyen(

)“heaved and breathed”(((((((((((((((((((

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